Monti Montana Daughters

Monti Montana x Sandman-Imprint

 Monti Montana x Grizz

   Monti Montana x HW

Monti Montana x Full Force

 Some random shots, from a cell phone, off a 4 wheeler, a few of the Monti Montana heifers that we are going to start breeding next week. When searching for a TH and PHA free bull to make replacement females we have found that Monti works very well on our cows. These calves were a result of Monti running clean up two years ago on a pasture of AI bred cows. This year he is going to get several cows turned out with him for natural service. For semen contact us or SEK @ 800-443-6389

Monti Montana x Golden Child that has been very successfully shown by the Etzel family.

Monti pictured as a two year old

Picture of Monti running on cows last summer
He is a Registered PB Charolais AICA Registration #: M746189.