Southeast Wisconsin corn report

Lot of poor looking corn

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Should have some 602 x Monopoly's next year

Implanted 5 IVF eggs on the 16 year old 602 and Monopoly 2 today.
Should be interesting...
602 pictured at 14 years old


Cool picture of the 'Mill' in Independence

The Mill is the most historic building in Independence it sits next to the Wapsipinicon River in the center of town


Sometimes you just gotta go!

Sometimes you just gotta go before you get on the 4 wheeler to heat detect


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Simple way to make marking tailheads easier

We are pulling ciders tonight on a group of recips and we like to mark the tail heads to help aid in heat detection.We have used a spray on paint before but like the results we get with the stick better. If you have ever used the paint stick marker you know how bad it sucks to use especially when its warm and humid out. The cardboard holder always seems to fall apart and the stick falls in the alleyway, the cow steps on it and ruins it. Plus it is very messy to deal with when doing large groups. So we took a 60cc syringe cut the end out, being careful to leave a little "lip" on the end to help hold the stick in the barrel. The stick fits in the syringe pretty snug. We can then take the plunger to push the stick out as needed to mark the cow without getting it all over our hands and having the cardboard fail.


Champion Composite Charolais

Grand champ char composite at the Iowa Charolais field day shown by the Etzel family sired by Monti Montana


Text in contest

Text in who this is and what is he doing. First correct answer wins a prize! Text line # is 319-361-6600