It Dont Get Much More Proven Than This!

Tag 006 Monopoly x 602 no fluff, no puff phone photo taken tonight.

Tag R3 Monopoly x 602

Tag 004 Monopoly x 602 heifer
These three full sibs sell tomorrow night on They are maternal sibs to Champion steers at the Iowa Beef Expo, Souix Falls, Oklahoma Beef Expo, Denver Prospect, Kansas State Fair, Tulsa State Fair just to name a few of the big ones that 602 has produced winners at.

Frye 602

Maternal brother

Maternal brother

Maternal brother

Tag 332 Walks Alone New Iphone Video Taken This Morning

New iphone video of this powerhouse calf. He sells tommorrow on Click on link to sale site


Tag 304 Monopoly x Imprint steer selling Sept 25th on

Tag 304 Monopoly x Imprint 
This is the natural calf on our best Imprint cow. She is pictured below a few hours ago after calving last year.  This is a heck of a calf.
 Come check out this set of calves if you haven't been here yet. We just had a well known cattleman here and he said "your cattle look way better in person than than the pics and the videos"! 

Tag T3 Irishman x Heat Wave Maine Steer He Sells On On Sept 25th


Tag T3 The Irishman x Heat Wave papered maine steer. He sells on our online sale Sept 25th on His mother is pictured below. She was featured in a Cargill Right Now mineral ad as a bred heifer. She was sold for $8000 in the first Frye/Treinen bred heifer sale to western Nebraska buyer but was never picked up or paid for.


Tag 991 Heat Wave x Irish Whiskey x 602 market heifer

Tag 991 Heat Wave x Irish Whiskey x 602 market heifer. Full sib to 2013 3rd overall crossbred steer at the Oklahoma Youth Expo and she is a full sib to the Grand Champion steer at TAMU 2012 Saddle and Sirlion for Chris Barton in Texas. Power and predictability in the pedigree! 



Sale is posted on
Click on link to see sale photos and videos

Sells Sept 25th on

Tag 157 BIM x TJ
Full brother to steer above getting roughed out for ASKSARBEN. We encourage you to stop by and see our calves before the 25th.  


Want some smoke colored females? Monti Montana makes them as good as anything!

Photo: July of 2011 Monti Montana heifer. The lighting isn't the best in this
 picture but we are excited to see her MAB ET calves this September
July of 2011 Monti Montana  heifer we are excited to see her MAB ET calves this September. Colby Collins last summer after seeing this heifer said "Thats one good animal. You should flush her, I would like to sell some steers out of her."
 Matt Lautner even commented on her full sister in the pasture the other day. "WHAT IS THAT ONE!?!?"

Photo: Monti Montana x Angus heifers raised by Johnny Hutchens.
Monti Montana x Angus heifers raised by Johnny Hutchens.
He sent us these pictures with the following statement...."These heifers moms are very average angus cows and your bull really changed them. All real sound and big bodied."
 Photo: Yearling Monti Montana heifer we will be breeding soon. The first set
 of them calved this spring. Milking and doing an awesome job! Even got Matt Lautner to comment on a Monti calf in the pasture today!
 Monti Montana yearling heifer. We have another stout set of Monti females to breed again this year. The Monti females we calved this spring have excellent udders and are making great mothers.  Contact us or SEK Genetics for semen.


Messenger x Monopoly from sexed semen purchase last year

Congrats to the Etzel family for raising this fancy female! Out of Tayler Etzel's show heifer from last year.

We aren't going to cram it down your throat every day about this Messenger bull and how he works. But if you want clean genetics, with moderate birth weights, that go on to make tremendous cows that milk and produce he is a bull you should consider!


Messenger females produce too!


"Problem Solved" a Total Solution x Messenger promotion bull owned by Schaeffer, Gray, Bonnell, and Wolfe. Contact Tim @ (765) 541-0738 for more info on this bull.

We have about 10 straws of sexed female 3ml semen left. Contact us to get it while it is still available! We also have 5ml sexed female available to flush your donors with. Conventional semen available through SEK, Top Sires, Stork, Judge and Frye

Messenger pictured as a calf. Ali x Sandman-Angus
 This 5/8 Maine, maternally-oriented Ali son is what all club
calf producers are looking for in a calving ease sire!  Messenger was born unassisted and
is backed by a great Sandman first-calf-heifer.  PHA and TH free!

Messenger first calf heifer at Mike Trienen's pictured shortly after calving this spring. Notice the udder quality!


Imprint cows stand the test of time

 "244" Imprint x Cigar-Explosion eleven years old and still going strong. She is the mother of Retro, Champion Steer 2008 World Beef Expo, 2011 Grand Steer Maine Jr Nationals, 2011 Res Steer Chi Jr Nationals and many other high sellers. Calved two days ago her Messenger heifer calf is standing in front of her. It looks to be right on course to be one of her best yet. She is owned with Dave Strolberg


Satisfied Sexed Messenger Semen Customer

From Todd "Bucky" Neil

I have had 4 of them sexed messenger so far havent touched any. Got one more coming later.


BIM x Heat Wave steer @ Collins Cattle... Sells this weekend

One of the most uniquely bred steers we have ever produced. This September born calf is one cool dude! He is one of my the favorite ones that I have ever raised. He sells along with many other powerful steers at Colby Collins this weekend. To check out the full offering go to

Messenger x Monopoly heifer

Messenger heifer out of Tayler Etzel's Monopoly show heifer from last year


Just like it should be

An unassisted Messenger heifer calf out of Monti Montana first calf heifer.


Messenger first calf heifer... Wow!

A Messenger first calf heifer about a week after calving unassisted at Mike Treinen's. Not sure bout you but we would take a couple pot loads that look just like that! The look, the body, the milk and udder quality...what more can you ask for? Conventional and sexed female semen on Messenger available contact us today!


Indee Ag Ed on WHO's "The Big Show"

Ag/FFA teacher wanted...

After 50 Years – Agricultural Education is Back in Indee Press Release
After 50 Years – Agricultural Education is Back in Indee
January 31, 2013 (Independence, IA) – After a 50 year absence, Agricultural Education will now be back in
Independence Community School District classrooms. “As a rural farming community, it is imperative to recognize
the importance of agriculture in our daily lives and to educate future generations,” said Superintendent Jean
Peterson. “For this reason and many others, the Independence Community School District Board of Education
recently approved curriculum for an Agricultural Education Program.”
ICSD has not had an Agricultural Education (previously known as Vocational Agriculture) program and FFA Chapter
since 1963. When the instructor at the time passed away, a replacement instructor was not hired despite the
District’s strong ties to agriculture. The new program will officially begin this fall during the 2013‐2014 academic
year and the district is actively searching for a program instructor.
The District owns 92 acres of land on the western edge of Independence. Approximately 40 acres is being
developed for the new JR / SR High School campus. The Agricultural Education Program fields will be located on
the East side of the new building providing easy access from the classroom to the field and adjacent greenhouse.
The Agricultural Education Program will be somewhat unique in how it is funded. “It is our goal to make this a selffunded
program, which means the District would be provided funds for operations,” said Scott Frye, program
volunteer. Program supporters have built relationships with area farmers and agriculture product suppliers who
have already pledged to donate seed, fertilizer, equipment and labor to plant and harvest the crops. Indee
Agricultural Education, Inc., a non‐profit corporation, will farm the District’s remaining 50acres of land. All
revenues will be deposited and held by the Mustang Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)(3) entity that supports District
initiatives. These revenues will be given to the District to help pay for the program.
The District leased the farm land in 2012 to get a one‐year
jump start on funding. Supporters donated the 2012 year
rent, the inputs and the labor. All profits from the 2012
crop’s harvest have been rolled over to 2013 to pay for
the 2013 rent. When the program starts this fall, the
Mustang Foundation, Inc. plans to advance funds to the
District to cover the expenses of the program, such as the
instructor and supplies.
The District is now searching for an instructor for this new
program, and is looking forward to filling this position in
the near future. “This is a great opportunity for anyone
interested in building the program from the ground up in
a brand new facility”, said Board President Brian Eddy.
“We have a phenomenal facility set to open in August
2013, and our community has shown the past year the
vast support that exists for Agricultural Education at the
Independence Community School District”.
If you have questions regarding the Independence Community School District Agricultural Education Program,
please contact Superintendent Jean Peterson at or (319) 334‐7400 or follow
Indee Ag Ed on Facebook at

Looking for Ag/FFA Instructor in Independence,Iowa


Skyfall Denver Recap From Ryan Habeger

Big crowds and great weather. Thanks to everyone that stopped by to see Skyfall and signed up for semen.

Cell phone picture of an unfitted Skyfall on display (photo courtesy of

Official promo picture taken by Kevin Mears of Stock Options Marketing.

Sired by Messenger out of a Solid Gold/Grizz/Imprint first calf heifer that was born unassisted. He has been tested TH and PHA free.
If you would like to see him being born go to blog archive and go to February 24th 2012 post
Click link below to see...
  Solid Gold wins San Antonio and there is a Solid Gold 1st calf hfr calving 


From Ryan Habeger

Come by and check out Skyfall this weekend in the yards Denver 2013.


Sexed Female 3ml and 5ml Semen on Messenger Now Available

For the first time a small amount of sexed female 5ml semen is available on Messenger.
We sold out of the 3ml this spring but will have more 3ml next week. Reports are it worked well on heifers and cows alike. Give us a call/text @ 319-361-6600 to get on the list! 

Messenger pictured as a calf
Ali x Sandman/ Angus
Registered 5/8 Maine THF/ PHAF   


Check Skyfall out in Denver!

Sired by Messenger out of a Solid Gold/Grizz/Imprint first calf heifer that was born unassisted. He has been tested TH and PHA free.

We would like to thank Habeger Show Cattle, Neil Cattle Co and the Reid Family for their confidence in our genetics with this great bull.

If you would like to see him being born go to blog archive and go to February 24th 2012 post

Click link below to see...
  Solid Gold wins San Antonio and there is a Solid Gold 1st calf hfr calving