Messenger females produce too!


"Problem Solved" a Total Solution x Messenger promotion bull owned by Schaeffer, Gray, Bonnell, and Wolfe. Contact Tim @ (765) 541-0738 for more info on this bull.

We have about 10 straws of sexed female 3ml semen left. Contact us to get it while it is still available! We also have 5ml sexed female available to flush your donors with. Conventional semen available through SEK, Top Sires, Stork, Judge and Frye

Messenger pictured as a calf. Ali x Sandman-Angus
 This 5/8 Maine, maternally-oriented Ali son is what all club
calf producers are looking for in a calving ease sire!  Messenger was born unassisted and
is backed by a great Sandman first-calf-heifer.  PHA and TH free!

Messenger first calf heifer at Mike Trienen's pictured shortly after calving this spring. Notice the udder quality!


Imprint cows stand the test of time

 "244" Imprint x Cigar-Explosion eleven years old and still going strong. She is the mother of Retro, Champion Steer 2008 World Beef Expo, 2011 Grand Steer Maine Jr Nationals, 2011 Res Steer Chi Jr Nationals and many other high sellers. Calved two days ago her Messenger heifer calf is standing in front of her. It looks to be right on course to be one of her best yet. She is owned with Dave Strolberg


Satisfied Sexed Messenger Semen Customer

From Todd "Bucky" Neil

I have had 4 of them sexed messenger so far havent touched any. Got one more coming later.