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Heat Wave steer now sold

Heat Wave steer pictured yesterday is now sold.

The voice of Big Ass Turkey Legs says farewell. as seen on

  August 30, 2011 |
One of Iowa City’s most well-known tailgating celebrities is calling it quits.
Chuck Ford, the booming voice behind the Big Ass Turkey Legs stand said Tuesday he won’t be coming back to Melrose Avenue for another season. Ford had hawked the king size drumsticks for 17 seasons.
“Through a lot of tears…I decided to bail,” Ford said.
Ford said there were numerous factors in his decision to hang up the headset he used to attract gameday revelers to the turkey leg stand year after year. At 69, Ford said working gamedays was beginning to take its toll. He had to prepare on Friday, work all day Saturday and recover for Sunday. On Monday, he was back to work selling cars at West Branch Ford.
“It’s not just a one-day affair,” he said.
Ford said he also owed it to his wife.
“It’s come time,” he said. “It’s just time to go.”
Ford said one thing that was not a factor was the city taking steps this year to regulate the gameday vendors and require permits. Ford said he was in support of the regulation.
The Big Ass Turkey Leg stand will go on, however. Ford said Craig Ireland, the meat market manager at Iowa City’s First Avenue Hy-Vee, will keep serving up the meaty treats. A passing of the torch of sorts will take place Saturday before the Hawkeye’s home opener.
“I’m going to come over, make sure things are set up and I’m taking off,” Ford said.
Ford said the biggest change for fans will be him not being there and he understands that might upset some fans. However, Ford said he had faith in Ireland. Ford said Big Ass Turkey Legs will also be for sale during home and away games at the Iowa City Moose Lodge. Ireland was off Tuesday and his home phone number is not listed.
“All good things must come to an end,” Ford said. “The institution goes on.”


Heat Wave for sale

Kansas City, Tulsa sized Heat Wave steer for sale. First come, first serve. Photo taken today, off 4-wheeler with cell phone in a mist.  Call for more info

Iowa fun facts via Iowa Corn on fb

Wright County has the highest percentage of grade-A topsoil in the nation.

Quaker Oats, in Cedar Rapids, is the largest cereal company in the world.
Strawberry Point is the home of the world's largest strawberry.
Elk Horn in the largest Danish settlement in the United States.

As seen on China's Ag FB page

ChinaDaily: Nationwide Crackdown On Toxic Chemical Fed To Pigs

BEIJING - Nearly 1,000 people have been arrested in a nationwide crackdown on the manufacture and sales of a banned and hazardous food additive in the past six months.

Police seized 2.5 tons of clenbuterol, a toxic chemical that is illegally used in animal feed to make pigs leaner, and six underground laboratories were shut down during... the crackdown, which broke criminal rings in many cities, including Chengdu, capital of Sichuan province, and Wuhan, capital of Hubei province.

In all, at least 989 people have been detained for being involved in manufacturing, storing and selling the additive, including those in a criminal ring that was involved in the manufacture and sales of the chemical in 63 cities, according to a notice on the website of the Ministry of Public Security on Monday.
Hundreds captured for illegal additive


Jeff Lynch's Smilin Bob steer for sale

Contact Jeff Lynch for more info 563-212-3744

That's Chad Curoe

On his new pony JELLYBEAN ! Ridem cowboy!

Sittin in the shade

All she needs is cool drink

As seen in Independence Bulletin Journal

There was a write up in the paper about what was good and what could be changed in the future at our local county fair. I'm guessing the same young man listed a "positive" and a "needs improvement" on his ballot in the suggestion box.


From Ben Loverin

Starting them out young. Check out the undies. Letting calves loose.

As seen on Tex cattle Facebook page

R U Frigin Kiddin Me?

ArugsLeader: Corn for ethanol to top its use for feed this year

In its July report estimating agricultural supplies and demand, the U.S. Department of Agriculture suggests for the first time ever this year corn used for ethanol production in the U.S. will exceed corn for feed, 5.05 billion bushels to 5 billion bushels.

This doesn't indicate a battle between fuel and food as much as it shows a more sophisticated means of processing corn and adding value has developed with the growth of the renewable fuels industry, say representatives of the South Dakota Corn Growers Association and American Coalition for Ethanol.

Quote of the day

"The best time to sell is when someone wants to buy"

College Football less than a week away


As seen on prices have doubled in past 15 months

The price for a bushel of corn has dramatically increased in the past year.
Chad Hart, an Iowa State University economist, says corn prices are soaring because the demand from the ethanol and livestock industries, plus demand for U.S. corn exports, are larger than yield projections.
“Last summer we had corn prices in some cases down around $3.50 a bushel,” Hart says. “Now we’re up in the $6 to $7 range, so we’ve seen nearly a doubling of prices, if you will, over the past 15 months.”
The U.S.D.A. predicts corn prices will remain high over the next year, as flooding and drought hit other parts of the corn belt. Iowa, however, is pegged to produce a record amount of corn – 2.43 billion bushels — and the value of that crop will be high as purchasers compete for the limited supply.
“China’s been a very early buyer of the corn crop we’re growing now,” Hart says. “…That’s something that’s got the market a little worked up right now.”
The grocery bills for consumers are hit by the higher corn prices, as products like meat, milk and eggs get more expensive as farmers spend more to buy the corn they feed their animals.


From Jen Treinen

Now that the water is receding, they are finding out that the interstate south of Mo.Valley is totally destroyed.  (approx. 20 miles worth)  They say ground/soil  is gumbo.  It will all have to be dug up an completely replaced before any construction can be considered.    There are no $$$$ in the state transportation budget to repair this at this time and nothing can be done anyway until the ground water has dissipated.  That, at its earliest, will be next year in the spring ……. or some time.  Looks like we will be w/o an interstate for the next 1 to 2 years at best from MoValley to Council Bluffs.

  Pictures taken 8/22/2011



Congrats to Kyle Ruth

$1000 Midwest Club Calf Producers Scholarship winner Kyle Ruth


ISF Sale of Champions

Thank you to the following list of contributors to Midwest Club Calf producers. If you are not on the list and would like to be added contact John Frasher 319-480-0638.

Gold Contributors
Burke Show Cattle, Workhorse Farms, Inc,Phil Lautner,Tracy, Mandy & Macey Goretska,
Frye Cattle Co,John & Jerry Frasher Family,Ben Kelly Cattle Co.,
Iowa Farmer Today/Midwest Marketer,Mike Sorenson, Wade Rogers TJC Cattle Co., Spencer Cattle Co., Nat'l Livestock Exhibitor/ Eldon Miller, Western Iowa Club Calf Producers
Silver Contributors
Todd & Alisa Neil,Craig Conrad,Sojka Farms LLC, Mike & Nick Hunter Brothers
Ron & Robert Kenneally,Galan & Jason Wallman,John Crall,Dax Lautner
Jeff Maas,See & Believe Foundation Sale/Ralph Danner,Dwight Will
Jerry Ferguson Memorial,Killmer Land & Cattle Co., Joe, James & Nick Sullivan
Bluebird Ranch/Randy Fawcett,Prime Cut Ranch/Lowell Jones,Trausch Farms
Sedlacek Brothers,Goddard Cattle Co., Nick Reimann, Noonan Show Cattle
Matthew Lautner,Troy Hullinger,Kevin Saathoff,Mike Brines, Randy Bair
Tim Schanbacher & Nate Becker,Pryor Show Cattle,Sievers Show Cattle
Jeff Paulsen,Jim & Jeff Boddicker,Jeffrey Lynch,Chad Curoe,Partridge Cattle Co. Scheetz Cattle Co, Joe Lehman

Bronze Contributors
Web Cows/Deppe Bros., Wagonhammer Cattle Co., Snowdon Club Calves
Kennedy Club Calves,Chad Younge,Scott & Mel Jorgensen,Chris Swanson
Holtkamp Cattle Co,Ross Butler/ Todd Hagen,Brad Hook,Shanks Cattle Co.
Iowa County Cattlemen,Chad Johnson,Ben Lovrien,Joe Junk & Sons,
Mark Herbold,Schneider Bros., Gary & Dianne Laabs, Craig Mittag
Larry Anderson,Herb Barber,Roger Hainey,David Caffee,Robert Hine
Chad Thompson,Lennis Fagerhaug,Arden Bergeleen,Bill Frauenholtz
Lakeview Cattle Co., Allan Kohlhaas,Steve & Karen Downing,Ron Eddy
Gary Palmer,Jerry Keller,Ron & Jean Bormann,Kelly & Lacy Short
Brad Larson,Cedar Crest Farms,Wolf & Wallace,Tapken Cattle Co.
Heater Farms,Jeff Holmes,Chuck McCullough,Eddie O'Brien
Grant & Nathan Weisinger,Stream Cattle Co.,Hewlett Show Cattle
Don Healy,Joe & Pat Burns,Cory Altena,Irish Acres/ Shannon McDonald
Kent Johnk,Doug Holliday,Webster Cattle Co.,BP Cattle Co., Kenny Brown
Moore's Show Cattle,Dennis & Brad Smith,Murl Dodds,Mike Kuhlman
Gary Ohlrichs,Jim Stowater,Tony Hilbert,Vanderholm Cattle Co.
Kendall & Kenny Bremer,Richard & Lois Schnoor,Jarod Chidester
Wilson/Kedley Cattle Co., Curran Cattle Promotion,Kerry Meyer, Damien Gallagher
Larry Keller,Mark Johnson,Kevin & Chris Brooks

From Jeff Lynch

385 lb steers brought 1.85 @ sale at maquoketa sale barn on wed

New Cy-Hawk Trophy?????


Yikes: New Cy-Hawk Trophy Revealed .... as seen on

 Yikes was the nicest word I could put in the headline.
I wanted to write a few other words like ‘Joke’ or ‘what the hell were they thinking’ and things like that.  But it wouldn’t fit in there, so we went with yikes.
Here is a link to a photo of the new trophy, revealed Friday at the Iowa State fair.
Pause to let it sink in.
Here is a quote from the press release from Iowa Corn: “This is literally a work of art representing the people and characteristics that are uniquely Iowan.” said Craig Floss, CEO for Iowa Corn.  “Just as the trophy reads, we are honest, hard working, family and community orientated people. Iowa’s corn farmers are proud to bring this work of art to the new Iowa Corn Cy-Hawk Series football game and we look forward to sharing it with the people of Iowa.”
First, let me lay down a few caveats…Iowa agriculture put food on our family’s table from the moment of my birth until I was a senior in high school.  My father has worked in the Growmark/FS organization since 1979, and Oscar Meyer before that.  He is the son of a farmer.  So I am very appreciative of every sector of the Iowa agriculture scene, and have met some of the folks over at Iowa Corn and they are great people.
That being meant and said, this trophy looks like it should go to the winner of a Lutheran Pie Bakeoff winner in Decorah, not for the winner of the Iowa-Iowa State football game.
Arthur Fonzarelli called and said the CyHawk Series has jumped the shark.
Craig’s comment above about the trophy being a work of art is accurate.  My criticisms are not of the artistic nature…it’s a fine sculpture…it’s a fine piece of art.
What in the wide, wide world of sports has happened to us?  Heck, let’s not even keep score any more and call each game a tie, that way everyone can feel good about themselves.
Come on…do we get a do over?  Can we hit the reset button?
The Land Grant Trophy called and all it could do was laugh.
Iowa and Wisconsin play for a bull, and I guess you could call it artwork.  There was certainly craft that went into it’s creation…but it seemed to fit…it’s worth showcasing in a football trophy case.  It goes well with Floyd.
This?  Bring back the old CyHawk.  Yeah, I said it, and I couldn’t stand that trophy, as it looked like something you’d buy off the rack at Scheel’s, if they sold generic trophies.
I am sure that someone is going to send me an email or place a phone call to me about this, but it’s just my gut reaction…sometimes gut reactions are best left on the cutting room floor, but not for this..not when they decided to scrap tradition, even if that tradition didn’t look good, and they had a chance to do something else.
A grain bin, a tractor, a corn belt, a pig sticker…anything…except a real piece of art.
Oh, you think it’s just me?  Here are some comments sent to my twitter account from Iowa and Iowa State fans after they got their first glimpse:
OK I grew up on a farm & work in ag. That trophy is DUMB! Do something w/ a fball that looks like a corn cob if u want ag.-Jason McKibben
They should give that piece of **** to the loser of the game, so they have to live a year of embarrassment with it on display-Jesse Robertson
looks like a lawn ornament to me.. I can’t picture a 300lb lineman running across to hoist it after another Hawk victory! -Greg Moss
is that an Isabel Bloom? My mom loves those things…-Nathan Deklotz
How would you like to haul that hunk of metal into Pawnstars and find out u spent more in gas than it’s worth.-Andrew Fettkether
Maybe the LOSING team should take the trophy?  Or would that be too humiliating? – Todd Roush
that is a terrible trophy! Looks like it should be with the rest of the Precious Moments in the china cabinet.-Britt Nielsen
Seriously…puked in my mouth a little. I expect the winning team running over to grab it and stopping and staring at it – anonymous
You can’t run across the field to get it, you have to skip while holding hands – Jim Blakley
Mitch King would have ran across the field, grabbed it, and thrown it on the ground to stomp it! -Andy Scott
the best part will be when the winning team just walks off the field without running over to grab that abomination.-Josh Erickson
That looks like something you win for winning some reality show on Bravo!-Andy Scott
I could post about 50 more as of 15 minutes after the photo was released, but I will stop now, after posting this link to Cyclone fan reactions on
To close, I will simply say: I love the state of Iowa, I love what Iowa Corn does for farmers and I am thankful of the work farmers do for us.
But this aint intramurals brother, it’s college football.


Bernard Iowa

Indiana State Fair Stage Collapse

INDIANAPOLIS — Authorities said they have confirmed at least three deaths after a stage collapsed Saturday night during a storm at the Indiana State Fair, where the country group Sugarland was set to perform.

About two dozen people were reported injured in the incident at the fairgrounds in Indianapolis. Strong winds caused the stage rigging for the outdoor concert to collapse, trapping and injuring concert-goers shortly before 9 p.m.

No one was performing at the time. The opening act had finished, and the crowd was waiting for Sugarland to take the stage.

Indiana State Police did not immediately return phone messages to The Associated Press to comment on the deaths. But the Indianapolis Star and WTHR reported that three people died, based on information released by authorities. Details on the conditions of those injured were not immediately known.

Emergency crews were called to the scene, and workers were setting up a command center to tend to those who were injured.

The collapse came as thousands of concert-goers were being evacuated from the fairground grandstand to a nearby coliseum when a wind gust brought down the stage rigging. The rigging fell onto an area where some fans were seated.

"It was like it was in slow motion," concert-goer Amy Weathers told the Star. "You couldn't believe it was actually happening."

Those who were injured were being moved to a tunnel below the stage, the newspaper reported.

Associated Press photographer Darron Cummings was in the audience attending the concert as a fan shortly before the collapse. He said an announcer gave the crowd instructions on how to evacuate if the weather worsened, but said they hoped to get Sugarland on stage soon.

Cummings said he and his friends went ahead and sought shelter in a nearby barn after seeing the weather radar.

"Then we heard screams. We heard people just come running," Cummings told the AP.

Witnesses told WTHR that some of the injured were in a VIP section in front of the stage known as the "Sugar Pit." The witnesses said a wall of dirt, dust, rain and wind came up the main thoroughfare of the fairgrounds just before the collapse.

"Panic kicked in when they seen the dust bowl coming in from the Midway," concert-goer Darryl Cox told WTHR.

Another person at the concert, Emily Davis, told WTHR that there was lightning and the sky had gotten dark but it wasn't raining when the wind suddenly toppled the rigging.

"It was horrible, people were running and going crazy," she said.


How to use a tarp strap to fix baler

Lost a spring on tension arm and nobody close has it. So improvised with tarp strap and a spring that's way to long to hook where its supposed to hook

Future of farming

Guess the combine, tractor and grain cart cost to much for an operator for the tractor...


From Jeff Lynch. Wrapping silage bales

Midwest Show Calf Producers

22726 Co. Road E34
Anamosa, IA 52205
Dear Fellow Club Calf Producer,
            Well. Another State Fair will be upon us soon.  I am writing this letter to save some time and effort at and after the fair.  Again this year, we will try to band our money efforts together for the State Fair Auction.  I hope you will support us again this year with a donation to the IOWA STATE FAIR SALE OF CHAMPIONS.
            We have been able to support the Grand Champion Steer, the Reserve Champion Steer and the two Heifer champions.  The last four years, we have been able to take meat from one of these cattle and have had it processed at ISU Meat Lab.  The meat is then used for our winter drawing.  The money we raise from this is used for the Breed Champions and Reserves.  We donate $250 to each breed Champion and $125 to each Reserve Champion as long as 5 head are exhibited. We have challenged each Purebred Breed to match our funds, with several now doing this.  In time we hope to get all to work with us.  This past year, we purchased enough hamburger patties for the noon feed.  With the help of Kent Feeds and IJBBA, we were able to have a free noon lunch for the exhibitors and parents.  We think this is a great gesture for the 4-H kids and parents in Iowa.  The committee and several Breed associations would like us to do the same for the purebred breed heifers.  We presently haven't been able to raise enough funds to help the heifer side.
            I am enclosing an invoice for the same amount of money that you donated last year.  If you would please return your donation in the self addressed envelope ASAP, we would appreciate it.  If you could please, reply by August 8th.  IF YOU NEED TO POST DATE THE CHECK TILL SEPTEMBER 10th, it would be OK, as we will need to have the funds in by then so they can pay the kids.  Please get your check to us by September 10th.  THIS YEAR IF WE DON'T HAVE THE MONEY OR A POSTDATED CHECK IT WILL BE USED IN NEXT YEARS PROGRAM.  I WANT TO HAVE THE FUNDS IN HAND WHEN THEY CALL FOR MONEY TO PAY THE KIDS.
            Again this year, the IFAA will award a $1000 scholarship on behalf of the Midwest Club Calf Producers. This comes from the deduction of exhibitors' sale expenses.  The IFAA awards some $160,000 in scholarships to 4-H and FFA exhibitors prior to the sale each year.  If you have a student going to college, I would urge you to apply for these scholarships.
            If you could increase your donation to the sale, it would be greatly appreciated, and many will benefit.
            Remember to please conact me at 319-480-0638 (cell) or 319-462-3666 (home) or Chuck Sojka at 319-648-2443 (home) or 319-221-4302 (cell) or Alan Kohlaus at 515-379-2358 (home) or 515-341-2435 (cell).  Thank you in advance for all of your support and contributions.
John Frasher


From Christy Collins

Made me think of your 20 below text

That's Lowell Tiedt

Long time friend Lowell Tiedt and his Reserve Champion feeder steer last night at the Waverly open show. If you see Lowell make sure to tell him what an outstanding showman he is!


From Jeremy Cobb

First steer sold out of our pasture out of our Sandman/Imprint cow that we got from you and My Turn

Needs to cool off

A Heat Wave and a newborn Heat Wave don't mix well.

90-95 temps with the dew point at 75-80 are hard on black hairy THC newborns. We now have them back in barn under fans till this heat/humidity breaks.