From Ben Loverin and his conversation with his 9 yr old daughter

Tonite at supper. Our 4 year old asked who will buy our cows when u die daddy? Ainsley said Rick Frye would buy them. Our cows r good n Rick has good ones too. I couldn't stop laughing.

From Scott Shelby


Need a good clean up bull?

Dajavu x Imprint x Draftpick
Stout and maternal!
For sale $4000
Call 319-361-6600 more info


Sounds About Right for Dubuque Co :)

DUBUQUE, Iowa (AP) -- Police charged an eastern Iowa man with drunken driving after stopping him outside a Dubuque bar, where he was in a truck beside a small zebra and parrot.

Officers arrested 56-year-old Jerald Reiter on Sunday night in the parking lot of the Dog House bar. Officers gave him a field sobriety test and charged him with drunken driving.

Reiter, of Cascade, disputes the arrest, saying he was about to let a passenger begin driving. He says the zebra and macaw parrot are pets and like riding in the truck. Sometimes the bar lets them inside, but they had to stay outside this time because the business was serving food.


John Deere 735 Moco for sale

Call 319-361-6600 for more info

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Monti Montana Daughters

Monti Montana x Sandman-Imprint

 Monti Montana x Grizz

   Monti Montana x HW

Monti Montana x Full Force

 Some random shots, from a cell phone, off a 4 wheeler, a few of the Monti Montana heifers that we are going to start breeding next week. When searching for a TH and PHA free bull to make replacement females we have found that Monti works very well on our cows. These calves were a result of Monti running clean up two years ago on a pasture of AI bred cows. This year he is going to get several cows turned out with him for natural service. For semen contact us or SEK @ 800-443-6389

Monti Montana x Golden Child that has been very successfully shown by the Etzel family.

Monti pictured as a two year old

Picture of Monti running on cows last summer
He is a Registered PB Charolais AICA Registration #: M746189.

From Chad Mitchell


  This is a monopoly out of a red hairy bear we purchased a couple of years ago in yours and mikes bred heifer sale. She has made a great cow.

Chad Mitchel


Things that make you wanna puke

Found this calf stuck between the bars of this bale feeder and of course he was dead. The feeder is located on a farm that I check every other day when the calves get some age on them. This calf was about 3 weeks old and was a very nice calf that showed a lot of promise. For some reason this calf decided to jump in the feeder and got "hung up" at his hip and flank. We have had these feeders for years and have never had a problem. Should have took a picture of him stuck in there but was to p***** off at the time. The pairs are running on 20 acres of green grass that is about knee high. No reason why this should have happened.

Makes me think of what a wise old rancher told me once, "If your going to have livestock, your going to have dead stock."