Grant Weisinger

Mr Louisa county himself!

Congrats on a pair of really nice steers


Treating foot rot with a dart gun

We have had the dart gun for about 5 years now. Its a big time saver making treating pinkeye and foot rot much easier. Its alot easier on the cattle durning these hot days. You dont have to stress the whole group and one guy can do it all with no help. The syringes hold 20cc's of whatever you want to put in them, had long penicillin in this one.
The dart in this video fell of right after I shut the video off. Its kinda hard to shoot the gun, hold the extra darts, drive the 4wheeler and shoot the video all at same time.....


Monti Montana sires grand steer at Buchanan Co Fair!

Grand Champion steer at the Buchanan Co Fair. Exhibited by the Hamliton family.
Rasied by Randy Steffen
Monti Montana x Ali
Congrats to all involved!

We need rain


Biggest summer time problem we have

Rocks in calves and cows feet give us problems every year. They stand in the creek bed to stay cool and get rocks wedged between their toes. The top pic was taken before I took the rock out. Below is the actual rock that I removed. With a shot of penicillin the heifer should be back to walking normal in a day or two.



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Scott Shelby... Young and Invincible

Scott signing and adding to the Invincible banner. Scott is a great singer and a great guy Thanks for coming to Independence